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Designed for people on their feet all day

We’re a leading shoe manufacturer set out to increase health and wellbeing for people on their feet all day and reduce pain for these people. Did you know that 90% of workers that spend the majority of the working day on their feet have experienced pain in the last 12 months as a result of their work? Being on your feet all day has a huge impact on the body and leads to a real problem in health and wellbeing, particularly musculoskeletal disorders (technical word for pain). This affects many frontline workers like porters, cleaners, chefs, nursing staff etc, who accept this pain as part of their job. Our research shows that a lot of these people spend at least 87% of their time on their feet - that's significant.

Partnership with Salford University

Wearertech Research

Salford Uni Partnership

Wearertech Research

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